Falling Fruit 2021


A very fruitful year for Falling Fruit again! Huge thanks to all involved, especially the wonderful volunteers who were amazing/ gave so generously and kindly of their time and energy! 

A special thanks to RTE – Philip Bromwell and Eleanor Mannion for the piece about Falling Fruit on the Six o’Clock news on October 30 – see here

August 27

We had our first apple donation on Friday August 27. Huge thanks to donor Marybeth in Dalkey who offered her Bramley apples and to Sandra who delivered them to Crosscare in Dun Laoghaire.🍏🍎 🍏

September 5

A great start to the fruit picking season – 300 kg approx. saved. Many thanks to our kind donor in Swords and helpers and volunteers – Catherine, Pawel, Helen, Dermot, Cortney, Geraldine. 

September 6

Marybeth in Dalkey offered her apples again this week and we collected 9 crates of apples. Many thanks to Pawel for help with this. Mary in Dublin 18 donated a delicious harvest of fruit which she had picked and ready for collection. Huge thanks to Ruth who delivered fruit to Foodcloud. 

September 8

A fruitful day in Tullamore – huge thanks to Brendan and Diane for the donation. Our wonderful helpers made the day very pleasant with their kindness and generosity of spirit – Roger, Jennifer, Dermot, Loraine! Special thanks to Roger who helped pick and then transported the fruit to FoodCloud 🍎💚🍎

September 9

A delightful two hours apple picking in a beautiful garden with beautiful people today! Many thanks to Phyl and Tom for the donation and to the wonderful Wilga, Fara, Mie and Chiyo. Special thanks to Wilga who delivered to Foodcloud 🍎💚🍎

September 12

Further picks included Dundrum, thanks to Margaret Spencer, and Sandyford, thanks to Alan Tubbert. As always, our volunteers were wonderful – huge thanks to Deirdre and Ela. Deirdre went out of her way to do the delivery to Foodcloud 🍎💚🍎

September 17

This week we delivered apples to ChildVison for the horses; an apple donation in Co. Meath was directed to a charity in Drogheda; an apple offer in Walkinstown goes to a good cause. Great appreciation for our donors – Margaret in Dundrum, Gabrielle in Walkinstown and Jenny in Co. Meath 🍎💚🍎

September 25

🍐Grateful for the apple and pear donation from the British Embassy again this year. 🍏

Our annual return to the Brophy family in Rathfarnham yielded a rich harvest of high-quality cooking apples 

Nuala in Ballinteer donated her eating apples again. Huge thanks to all! 

Enormous credit goes to the wonderful volunteers who did the work: Wilga, Mie, Deirdre, Paweł, Dave, Gwen, Ela – with special appreciation for Wilga and Dave who did the deliveries. Charities were Mendicity, Dublin Simon, Cooking for Freedom, Macro Community Resource Centre 🍎💚🍎             

25 September

Many thanks to Catherine Cleary for the mention today!


September 25

Community Resources Network Ireland CRNI

1.5 tonnes orchard apples rescued last year by Falling Fruit for FoodCloud & other charities. Join in by volunteering fallingfruit.ie. Thanks The Irish Times for sharing this important project! #stopfoodwaste #growyourown

September 30

Cheery in Glenageary today picking fruit from two donors on the one road – Francois and family and the Welch family. The cheerful volunteers, Sandra, John and Pawel gave generously of their time and energy to pick the fruit for a charity in Shankill. Sandra kindly delivered it. Huge thanks to all 🍎💚🍎

October 6

Great day in Greystones picking delicious cooking apples for Charity. Many thanks to Sally Dunne for donating apples from her rich tree! Wonderful volunteers Virginia and Pawel did the work and Virginia kindly delivered fruit to Shankill for distribution among local charities. Huge thanks to all concerned 🍎💚🍎

October 7

No rain in Slane today for our fruit pick! Wonderful rich donation of apples from Siobhan Whelan and picked by three hardworking volunteers – Walter, Dermot and Paweł. Extra help with transport from Dublin from Walter, and Dermot with delivery to Navan Simon Community and Back Into Daylight Animal Sanctuary. The heart is full of appreciation for the goodness and kindness of people 🍎💚🍎

October 15

Apple picking continued this week. Huge thanks to Michele in Sandymount and Aodhagán in Inchicore for delicious donations! Fruit went to Dublin Simon and Cooking for Freedom group. Endless thanks to our wonderful volunteers Marian, Barry, Ronan and Paweł; Marina kindly took care of delivery 🍎💚🍎

October 20 

Apple pick at Townley Hall, Drogheda. A truly fabulous time with wonderful volunteers and our kind host Mark of The School of Philosophy. Huge thanks to the super cheerful crew: Patricia, Ilona, Susan, Joan, Jennifer, Marian, Marta, Dave, Ed, Pawel. I can’t thank them enough – driving out from Dublin in the rain to help 🍎💚🍎

RTE was there too – doing a little piece about Falling Fruit. The lovely Eleanor Mannion made us all feel relaxed – many thanks!

Mark of The School of Philosophy, who offered the hugely generous crop of apples and Patricia, long-time volunteer and helper.

The wonderful Falling Fruit Team

October 21 

Another wonderful sunny day picking apples – thanks to David UCD Rosemount Environmental Research Station. Huge quantity of apples going to @foodcloud for juicing. Another wonderful team – Mark, Patricia, Jacinta, John, Ronan, Deirdre, Wilga, Dave, Catherine, Pawel, Roger, Jennifer. One feels deeply the goodness of Mother Nature and the kindness of people 🍎💚🍎

October 22

Further apple picks – Greystones, thanks to Maeve, and Sutton, thanks to Desmond. A fabulous team – Susan, Pawel, Catherine, Pat – picked approximately 88kg of fruit. Transport was greatly facilitated by Susan, Patricia and Mary. This fruit goes towards personal use by James in exchange for a very generous cash donation to the Peter McVerry Trust. Huge thanks to all involved 🍎💚🍎

Huge thanks to all who supported this project on social media and by word of mouth. Thank you to all who helped promote our work this year, spreading the word online and offline and for all the goodwill you generated around it.

Most special thanks and appreciation to Nika Russell who for many years has kindly and generously worked on the updating of the website for us on a voluntary basis. We are hugely grateful to you 💚