How to Get Involved


There are plenty of ways you could get involved in our cause. Below we are listing these options. Please get in touch with us if you would like to donate or join the team or if you require any additional information.

Donate Fruit and Vegetables

Have you got a fruit tree? Donate part of your tree’s harvest for distribution to the local community or to charity.
Do you grow vegetables – donate surplus vegetables for distribution to food charities and people in need.
Donors of fruit will have their fruit picked and will get the first share.


Volunteer to be an urban harvester and get involved in food waste prevention. Volunteers will have the pleasure of eating fresh, ripe fruit, finding out more about urban food growing and contributing to a more caring society!

Help Find Surplus Fruit and Vegetables

Help us find new locations and sources of fruit. Ask family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, clubs or just be on the lookout!

Help Find New Outlets for the Fruit and Vegetables

We aim to distribute the fruit and vegetables in the local area where it is collected. Please help us to reach families in food poverty in your neighbourhood who would benefit from fresh food.

Fruit Processing

Help with the processing of the fruit and vegetables so that they can be stored for use later when the harvesting season is over.

Documenting / Administration

Help us to document Falling Fruit Ireland. If you have video making skills or photography please join the team.

Skillful organisers would also be very welcome!

Artistic Support

Help would be appreciated for the creation of a Logo.

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